Solon Ribeiro | Brazil

An artist, curator and professor, Solon Ribeiro holds a degree in Art and Communication with a major in Photography from L’École Superieure des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, 1991. He explores the intersections of photography, cinema, set design, installation and performance. By re-contextualizing cinematic images and stills from narrative pieces, the artist problematizes the archive’s statute in order to reverse-engineer its close connection with the past. In a bid to liberate image to new forms and significances, he strives to explore its magical and metaphysical aspects. Ribeiro is the author of the books Lambe­Lambe: Pequena história da fotografia popular, Fotografia Contemporânea: Linguagem e Pensamento and Perdeu a Memória e Matou o cinema. He has been featured in group exhibitions at Itaú Cultural, São Paulo (2011); the Museum of Modern ARt of Rio de Janeiro (2011);  the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art (2007 and 2000); and in the solo exhibition Quando o cinema se desfaz em fotograma, FUNARTE, Rio de Janeiro (2009). Solon Ribeiro lives and works in Fortaleza.

Myxomatosis | 2008, video

Multiple filmmaking possibilities and new ways of dealing with image are operations that fuel the inquiries of Solon Ribeiro. Here, film stills are projected in a slaughterhouse; exposed innards, blood, flesh, and the artist’s action alter the dynamics of space, causing a clash of contexts. These displacements lead Ribeiro to seek the pulsating activation of new forms of exercising image, cinema, and its cuts. 

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