Runo Lagomarsino | Sweden / Brazil

The son of Argentines exiled in Sweden, Lagomarsino explores in his installations, sculptures, photographs, and videos alternative perspectives regarding power relations in their historical dimension, often based on a reflection about the permanence of colonial heritage in contemporary Latin America. He has presented in solo exhibitions at Nils Stærk, in Copenhagen, Denmark (2011 and 2013); and at The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, in Stockholm, Sweden (2012), among other institutions, in addition to having participated in collective shows at the Museu Reina Sofía, in Madrid (2014); at the Guggenheim Museum, in New York (2014); and the 52nd Venice Biennial, in Italy, (2011). He lives between São Paulo and Malmö, Sweden.

Following the Light of the Sun, I Only Discovered the Ground | 2014, installation

The video portrays different parts of The Birth of a New World, a sculpture created by Russia’s Zurab Tsereteli as a monument to celebrate the five hundred years of the “discovery” of America. The entire footage shows only fragments, like a poorly told story or a lie uncovered. The Russian Anthem is also heard, superimposed onto shots of the monument, disfigured and representing a series of colonization processes, and hegemonic historical narratives.

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