Rodrigo Matheus | Brazil

Visual artist.  His work revolves around his encounters with the materials and objects found in daily life at urban settings and the scraps from consumption-based society. These elements are often displaced into the exhibition facility and employed as building blocks for his artworks. Throughout his career, he constantly alludes to the universe of major corporations, at times exploring it by establishing fictitious businesses to which he attributes authorship of his pieces. He thus configures a vision of design and industry as a field of power relations. He holds a degree in Arts from the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil, and a master’s in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art in London, United Kingdom. He has exhibited solo at Fundação Manuel António da Mota, in Porto, Portugal, 2013; and at Museu de Arte da Pampulha (MAP), in Belo Horizonte, 2004. He has also been featured in group exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris, 2013; the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art (MAM-SP), in 2013 and 2011; and at The New Museum, in New York, 2010. He lives and works out of São Paulo.

Mauser & Cia | 2015, installation

Created for the Festival, Rodrigo Matheus’ installation consists of suspended drums, balanced on a structure of swings, weights and counterweights that takes up the exhibition space dynamically. The project is based on the history of the warehouses that now comprise Sesc Pompeia, built by a German corporation in the 1930s as a drum factory, and later abandoned by the Mauser family, to whom it belonged and who returned to Europe during World War Two. To the artist, the project “brings into the Galpão’s physical facilities part of the ruins of its own history – which, to a certain extent, relate to the brutal industrialization, urbanization and ruination process undergone over the past hundred years by the city that houses them.”