Paulo Nimer Pjota | Brazil

Visual artist. He does painting, collage and installation. Holds a baccalaureate degree in visual arts from Centro Universitário Belas‑Artes in São Paulo (2010).  His work carries a selection of images, colors, symbols and materials that converse with emerging sociocultural principles from peripheral areas. Through minor objectual, architectural and symbolic leftovers typical of such localities, he explores the close ties between culture and survival, and how they permeate aesthetics and life in these places. His solo shows include Sistema Relacional, Temporada de projetos, Paço das Artes, São Paulo (2013); and the 1st festival of the exhibition program, São Paulo Cultural Center, São Paulo (2012). He has been featured in group exhibits such as the 12th Lyon Biennial, France (2013); Imagine Brazil, Astrup Feranley Museet, Oslo, Norway (2013); Alimentario, Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art (2014); among others. He lives and works in São Paulo.

Bahia e Portugal | 2013, painting
Lisboa, Porto Seguro | 2014, painting

Pjota’s paintings adhere to a set of interests that permeate historical, sociocultural, and anthropological layers. Both these pieces structure out relationships between signs and trajectories, and penetrate another layer of time, in the Portuguese tiles that marked the visuality of colonial architecture. These direct references to the Brazilian historical process reverberate readings and activate contexts, enticing the observer not only to contemplate past instances, but also to reflect about the present and the future.

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