Maya Watanabe | Peru / Netherlands

Artist awarded with the RES ARTIS residency prize at Kyoto Art Center (Kyoto, Japan)

Visual artist working with video, video installation, and performance. Her work investigates silence and fragmentation and their resistance to the objectifying dimension of language. Identity, rupture, causality, meaning, and non-linear narratives are the components explored in her work through excerpts of texts, cinema scripts and dialogues. Her pieces also tackle the limits of communication in the contemporary world amidst the fractured subjectivities and religious conflicts. Her works have been featured on shows such as Matadero, Madrid (2014); Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2013); Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid (2009); the Beijing 798 Biennale (2009); Amsterdam Mediamatic Biennale (2009); and Madrid Abierto (2007). She lives and works in Madrid.

Escenarios II | 2014, video installation

In Spanish, escenario [scenery] means both the place where action take place (scene) and the portion of the theater where the scene plays out (stage). There is no sign of human presence in the work but through the confirmation that something has happened—an abandoned car burns—and how Watanabe places the spectators themselves as witnesses of what they are watching. In a four-turn cycle, a 360° panoramic shows scenes that allude to personal memories of the artist, as well as to events of the recent history of Peru, her native country. Watanabe thus investigates where individual stories begin and where they intersect with collective narratives.

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