Maria Kramar | Russia

Artist. She studied at the Rodchenko Art School in Moscow, Russia, in 2011, and at the MediaArtLab’s Open school Manege, in the same city, in 2015. Her work questions the contemporary scenario in Russia: the country’s ambitions of territorial expansion, the violent government-backed homophobia, and the ubiquitous security cameras are approached in videos, photos, and curatorial practices designed to establish non-hierarchical spaces for exchange and debate. Kramar’s work has been shown at the Transmediale Festival in Berlin, Germany (2015); the MediaArtLab in Moscow, Russia (2013); the Museum and Exhibition Center “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” in Moscow, Russia (2014 and 2013), where she also curated the students exhibition Magnifying Glasses Instead of Eyes. Maria Kramar lives and works in Moscow. 

ABC-lynching | 2014, video

Perceived as pro-democracy tools, social media also authorize the spread of practices that breed violence against and hate of difference. In this collage of videos from Youtube and from an online channel run by homophobic leader Maxim Martsinkevitch, Kramar denounces the action of Russian neo-fascist groups that take advantage of the internet’s visibility to expose the identities of homosexuals and articulate perverse narratives to associate them with pedophilia and other criminal activities.

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