Luciana Magno | Brazil

Artist awarded with the DELFINA_VIDEOBRASIL Residency Prize at Delfina Foundation (London, UK)

An artist, she holds a degree in Visual Arts and Image Technology from the University of Amazônia, Belém, and a master’s in Arts from the Federal University of Pará, in the same city. Luciana Magno works with performance, often involving photography and video, objects and websites. She researches the body and performance actions, dealing with political, social and anthropological issues associated with the impact of development in the Amazonian region. The integration of body and surroundings is a determinant, recurrent element in her work. She has exhibited at Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste, Fortaleza (2014); Arte Pará, at the Museu de Arte do Estado do Pará, Belém (2014), where she won a prize; and at Museu de Arte do Rio de Janeiro (2013). Magno won the 10th edition of the Funarte National Network Award for the Visual Arts for her Telefone Sem Fio project, which traversed Brazil from top to bottom through highways and waterways, building a video and audio archive of Brazil’s cultural, historical and geographic diversity. Luciana Magno lives and works in Belém.

Trans Amazônica | 2013, video

In Luciana Magno’s performance-focused research, the landscape integrates the body, and the body integrates the landscape. Her hair – which she hasn’t cut in over ten years – is a recurring element in her actions. In Trans Amazônica, she places herself in a position that refers to the position of in which indigenous peoples are buried, and places herself on an unfinished stretch of the Trans-Amazonian Highway. The piece prompts reflection about the indigenous cause and their invisibility in the face of power structures. 

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