Karolina Bregula | Poland

Artist awarded with the RES ARTIS Residency Prize at Djerassi Resident Artists Program (Woodside, USA)

A visual artist, she completed a degree from the National Film Television and Theatre School, Łódź, Poland, in 2010. She works with installations, happenings, videos and photography. Her productions explore the role of art in our society, questioning the institutional parameters of the contemporary art scene, often employing irony and parody. She performs a self-analysis of culture, oftentimes through polls on the reception of art by the lay public, and their relationship with contemporary art. Her works have been shown at the 55th Venice Biennale, Italy (2013); Zachęta National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (2013); the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland (2013); Kalmar Museum of Art, Sweden (2012); Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk, Poland (2011 and 2006); Real Art Ways, Hartford, USA (2006); and others. She has directed the films Fire­Followers (2013), Art Translationg Agency (2010) and Let Them See Us (2003). Karolina Bregula lives and works in Warsaw. 

Fire-Followers | 2013, video

The systems of power that agency social relationships are a frequent theme of Karolina Bregula’s videos, installations, photographs, happenings, and performances. With overtones of parody, Fire Followers is about a small town in northern Europe where fires destroy even its art collections. Scared by rumors that the burning of artworks was deliberate and necessary to rekindle creative thinking, the population starts avoiding museums, galleries, and collections, and trying to get rid of the art pieces they own.

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