| Mexico

Artist. He works with video and installation. Cuevas’ work questions the implications of the temporality inherent to image in motion (film and video) and how this cinematic time influences contemporary subjectivity. In his site-specific video installations, he manipulates the juxtaposition of the reality of physical space and the fiction of projected image. Cuevas studied audiovisual arts in Guadalajara, Mexico and Film in Vancouver, Canada. He has been featured in various festivals and exhibitions, including the Morelia International Film Festival, Mexico (2004 and 2005); VIDEOZONE Video Biennial, Tel Aviv, Israel (2006); ZONEMA, Chelsea Center for the Arts, New York (2006); Zapopan Art Museum, Guadalajara (2009 and 2013). He has exhibited solo at Laboratório de Arte Variedades, Guadalajara (2009); Zapopan Art Museum (2011); Museum of Oriental Art in Turin, Italy (2012); and others. Cuevas lives and works in Mexico City. 

Waiting search (end to time) | 2013, video

Cuevas’ work juxtaposes references to the uses of light throughout the history of cinema: as an element that brings static objects into life, as a marker of the passing of time, and as a documental feature typical of the early days of this art form. In a subversion of documental language, light beams perform a choreography and appear as elements of stories of archaeological exploration that happen, simultaneously, in a distant past or a near future. 

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