Daniel Frota | Brazil / Netherlands

Artist. Daniel Frota works with publications, installations – often audio or video-based – and performance. He completed a degree in Graphic Design from Pontifícia Universidade Católica in Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), in 2011, and a master’s from Werkplaats Typografie ArtEZ, Arnhem, Holland, 2014. His production makes connections between communication systems and the human body, exploring the mutual influences of language norms and bodily senses. His focus is on the one hand linguistic, pertaining to letters, objects and their translatable properties, and on the other hand perceptual, concerning the reader and their condition to access sensitive contents between complete misunderstandings and the emergence of alternative interpretations. Daniel Frota has exhibited at De Ateliers and Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam, Holland (2013 and 2014); the International Biennial of Graphic Design at The Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic (2014); Salão Novíssimos, Galeria Ibeu, Rio de Janeiro (2013); and the Electronic Language International Festival, São Paulo (2013); among others. Daniel Frota lives and works in Amsterdam.

It's a Perpetual Way | 2014, áudio

Daniel Frota holds a degree in graphic design, but the intersection of languages and communication systems is where his work takes place. Here, the artist extracts an excerpt from the Caetano Veloso song It’s a Long Way and ceaselessly repeats the moment when the word long is sung. Frota deals with frustration and surprise when he creates, with this fragment, a new experience. He also speaks of an “inseparable coincidence of form and meaning”: by making the sound last over time, he alludes to the meaning of the word “long.”

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