Chameckilerner | Brazil

The duo Chameckilerner is formed by Brazilian artists Rosane Chamecki (Curitiba, 1964) and Andrea Lerner (Curitiba, 1966). They work at the intersection between dance and video. Their work explores the body and its kinetic qualities as the articulator of issues concerning modes of relationship with oneself and the other. The duo started their artistic inquiries in contemporary dance, with pieces commissioned from Teatro Guaíra’s Ballet and the American Dance Festival, among others, and won prizes at various international festivals. In 2007, they started producing video works combining dance, performance and video installations, to address the demands of their own inquiries into the body and movement. Their films have been featured and awarded at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival (2014); the Brooklyn International Film Festival, New York (2008); the 36th Dance on Camera Festival, New York (2007); and others. Their works have aired on TV in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Netherlands. Chamecki and Lerner reside and work in New York.

Samba #2 | 2014, video

Samba #2 analyzes three essential images of Brazilian culture: Carnival, samba, and the butt. The slow motion camera exposes micro-movements that are usually imperceptible, revealing new images of a reality we assume to know. Approaching culture from its most visceral and corporeal element, the video de-constructs the habitual image of the female body to evoke a series of key Brazilian issues revolving around the body as sexuality, violence, beauty, and dance. 

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