Bianca Baldi | South Africa / Germany

Visual artist. In her work, photography, video, text and publications, are often shown via installations, these operate with residual materials from hegemonic accounts of African colonization in the form of objects and images displaced from their usual context. Looking into their connections with the imagery and the symbolical dimension that they inhabit, she opens up a field of indetermination that puts the civilizatory discourse set forth by the metropolis into perspective. Raised in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, she studied at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and at the Städelschule, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She was featured in the following exhibitions: Open House, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2015); Sightings, KZNSA, Durban, South Africa (2015); 8th Berlin Biennale, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Germany (2014); Zero Latitude at the Goethe Institut, Johannesburg, South Africa (2014). She lives and works in the EU and Durban, South Africa. 

Zero Latitude | 2014, video

In the 19th century, European scientific and technological progress spawned a race to the New World, to find market niches and natural resources that could accelerate the development of the capitalist system. The artist confronts this colonial past with the post-colonialist dynamic, articulating a policy that was materialized in real displacement with another one that moves virtually, through the symbolical charge attributed to consumer goods in the post-industrial societies of our time. 

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