Armando Queiroz | Brazil

Visual artist, independent curator and museum technician. His production runs the gamut from minute objects to large-scale works, videos, photographs, performances and urban interventions that deal with social, political and patrimonial issues, often from the perspective of the Amazonian region. Queiroz creates by observing daily life in the streets, appropriating commonplace objects from myriad origins, and using the city and otherness as touchstones. The art-life connection permeates his work, often intermediated by elements like flesh and the body. He has been featured in major exhibitions like the 16th Cerveira Biennial, Portugal (2011); 3rd End of the World Biennial, Ushuaia, Argentina (2011); 20th International Biennial of Curitiba (2013); 31st São Paulo Art Biennial (2014); and others. Queiroz won a research grant from the CNI SESI’s Marcantonio Vilaça Fine Arts Prize (2009-2010) and was honored at the 29th Arte Pará, Belém (2010). He lives and works in Belém.

Belle Époque | 2014, video

The Belle Époque in Brazil was marked by the coffee and rubber economic cycles. At the end of the 19th century, Belém was at its height as one of the richest cities in the country. In Belle Époque, Armando Queiroz re-configures different layers of time as he manipulates iconographies. The beetle that fails to cling to the eye, as though claiming its place in that body, activates the memory of cycles that go from apogee to decline, from sophistication to decadence, from memory to oblivion.

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