Ana Vaz | Brazil / France

Visual artist and filmmaker, Vaz graduated at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia (2009) and holds a master’s degree in cinema and visual arts from Le Fresnoy Studio des Arts Contemporains, Tourcoing, France (2013). Her films, publications, performances, and video installations reflect on the relationship between cinema and language, examining the symbolic relationships of architectural legacies, Utopian projects and power relations through the vestiges they left behind. She held the individual exhibitions Framing Nature, Vita Kuben, Ümea, Sweden (2017); and Amérika: Bay of Arrows, Ludlow 67, New York (2017), and participated in the collective shows Excusez-moi de vous avoir dérrangés, Khiasma, Paris (2017); Performing Oppositions, House of the People, São Paulo (2017); Moscow Biennial of Young Art (2016); Obscure Objects of Desire, Paramound Ranch, Los Angeles (2016); and 3rd Dhaka Art Summit, Bangladesh (2016), among others. Retrospectives of her films were shown at the Melbourne Cinémathèque, Australia (2013) and at the Void Gallery, Ireland (2014). She lives and works in Lisbon.

A Idade da Pedra | 2013, video

A Idade da Pedra features an assortment of lyrical and detailed portraits of animals, stars, plants, people and a monumental quarry located amidst the landscape of the Brazilian Central Highlands. Inspired by the construction of modernist Brasília, the work delves into the region’s geological outlines, dealing with undefined temporalities. Three-dimensional structures of concrete digitally juxtaposed to the landscape registered in film establish a diffuse field where nature intersects with history, inviting us to reflect on the modernist utopias and the civilizatory ideals of the past, giving rise to new possibilities for the future.

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